feral / royal commissionS

status - OPEN
to order, contact [email protected]
or place an order via ko-fi

terms of service

i reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason.i may stream, record, or otherwise share progress on the commission. (exceptions can be made if the commission is a surprise for its recipient)i retain rights over all commission work. commissions may not be redistributed commercially by clients. personal/non-profit use is permitted.all clients contracting for NSFW art agree that they are at least 18 years of age.please credit when sharing or using commissioned work in any way. outright claiming my work as your own will result in being blacklisted.payments below $500 USD are expected in full up front, commissions $500 USD or above are eligible for payment plans. failure to adhere to payment plans may result in cancellation of the commission.payment to be made via paypal, kofi, or boosty.to.commissions may incur fees for reasons including but not limited to: rush job (under a week turnaround), design fees (drawing from a text description only), major revisions after approval, private-only commissionsturnaround may vary. it is the client's responsibility to make me aware of any deadline requirements prior to starting the commission. it is the client's responsibility to make me aware if the commission is for private use only prior to starting the commission.after the final piece is approved, no refunds are permitted. if the commission is cancelled prior to final approval, a partial refund will be issued. refund amount will be determined based on the completion status of the piece. clients filing chargebacks for any reason will be blacklisted.in the event of tos violation, i reserve the right to cancel without refund.tos may be subject to change at any time.last updated: 11/24/23

FULLBODY - $100 USD, +$75 PER additional CHARACTER

ICON - $35 USD

900x900px bust

emotes / stickers - $30

up to 512x512px. credit required if used on twitch etc.

reference sheet - tba, $120+
pagedoll/chibi - tba, $35
doodle mini - tba, $10